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Week 5 Newsletter

Ms. Kay’s Little Cub Music Club 

Week 5: Aug 31 - Sept 4

Hi, Charleston Little Cub students! πŸ˜„  I hope you are happy and healthy as you can be! 😍😍 Let’s start this week’s music class with a Sesame Street song. 🎡 I hope you know “If you are happy and you know it” song. In this video πŸŽ₯ three cute characters will sing and dance with you! My favorite part is when they stomp their feet. πŸ‘£ Watch the whole video, not just the beginning. They will add a silly move as it goes to make you smile. πŸ˜„

Song 1: Sesame Street if you’re happy (2:52)


🌻 A Helpful Tip to Find the Video 🌻

To find the song, you may want to key in the song name in the search bar. It should be listed as the first or the second video. You can type the link ‘letter by letter’ but I found that lower case ‘l’ and number ‘1’ could be confusing. I added the duration of the video right after the name of the title to help you identify the video. It can help you to identify the song. 

Can you count up to 20 without stopping and skipping any numbers? If you can, good for you! Now I found you a new video πŸŽ₯ to help you practice counting 1 to 30. Clap your hands πŸ‘or snap your fingers 🀞 when you sing out each number. I will leave the link of the counting back from 20 song. It may take some practice but counting back helps you when you do subtraction problems.  

Song 2: Count to 10, 20 and 30! (4:00)


Song 3: Counting back from 20 with the Count Back Cat (3:48)




How is your saving the materials for the instrument going for you?  I have saved plastic bottles with 3 different sizes. πŸ’ I wonder if the different sizes make my shaker sound differently?? 😏 You will need to make one for activities in music class later, but you can make extra shakers like I do if you like. 😊

I recorded my second video for you!!  😻 It is a counting video like last week, but this time I sang a song and counted up. πŸ‘© I hope you will do it with me again and again!

See you next week!


Week 5 Video

View my Week 5 Video here