School Board

The governing body of the East Tallahatchie County School District consists of five elected members, chosen during municipal elections. These members serve five-year terms. Their primary responsibility lies in establishing the policies that shape the educational landscape from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Dedicated to fostering student success across our district, the board crafts and implements policies tailored to the needs of the East Tallahatchie School District. We firmly believe that a robust policy framework cultivates a conducive learning atmosphere, empowering students to realize their utmost potential.

Regular meetings of the East Tallahatchie County School Board are typically convened on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., held in the district boardroom. Transparency and community engagement are core tenets of our governance. We extend an open invitation to all community members to participate in our meetings, where formal decisions are made.

Additionally, special meetings may be convened as necessary throughout the school year. Notice and agenda for these gatherings will also be promptly disseminated to ensure transparency and inclusivity in our decision-making processes.

Our Board Members

Board member

Bryant Watson


Darrell Neal

Darrel Neal
Vice President


Audra Brown

Audra "Temp" Brown


Santrail Kuykendall

Santrail Kuykendall


Board Member

Taranetta Harris


Our Mission

The mission of the district is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop academically, physically, socially, and emotionally to their greatest potential in order to become self-sufficient, productive members of society.

Our Vision

The vision of the East Tallahatchie School District is that all students in the district will be proficient or above as measured by the current Mississippi state assessment.

District Goals

  • Student Achievement – Maximize the Performance of Each Student in All Academic Areas
  • Increase Graduation Rate
  • Decrease Dropout Rate
  • Strengthen Community Relations, Communications and Parental Involvement
  • Recruit and Retain Highly Effective Teachers